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TOP 20 BEST SEEDS OF 2020! (Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.16 Seeds)

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Here are the TOP 20 Best Seeds found in Minecraft Bedrock Edition this year! 2020 has been a pretty rough year but it has been an amazing year for Minecraft Seeds! I've included my 20 favourite seeds found this year as well as some honourable mentions!

These Minecraft Seeds are for Minecraft Bedrock Edition (1.16). Therefore, they will work on all Minecraft Bedrock Edition platforms including Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Pocket Edition (MCPE), Windows 10 Nintendo Switch, PS4 & PS5!

If you have any cool and interesting Minecraft Seeds that you'd like to share, leave them in the comments below!


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I hope you enjoy these Minecraft Seeds! I upload brand new Minecraft Seeds every week on this channel, so if you're new here it's likely that you've missed a Seed that is perfect for you! Check out these Playlists to make sure you haven't missed your perfect Minecraft Seed!

✅ WEEKLY TOP 10 SEEDS PLAYLIST: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLp1QHaoWaTH0FQKuVuMN1ufTGsr9GiRv8

✅ BEST SEEDS PLAYLIST: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLp1QHaoWaTH1raQvK-pEg1Hc1avVIzBH3


Music Credits:

All songs used in this video have been taken from Harris Heller's 'StreamBeats' which you can find here:


Song titles in order of use:

Akita Inu, Sky and Why, Glowing, Warm Snow, Star Searcher, Pillar of Autumn, Calling the Sun, Ice Cream in Winter & Under the Mistletoe


What is Minecraft & Chill?

Minecraft & Chill is a family friendly Minecraft YouTube Channel that specializes in Minecraft Seed Showcases. Minecraft seeds are values made up of character(s) (including negative or positive integers) that are used as the basis for generating every Minecraft world. I find seeds that create interesting Minecraft worlds & share these seeds with my audience so they can play on the interesting worlds that I find.

All of my Minecraft Seeds are filmed on Minecraft Bedrock Edition on my Xbox One. Therefore, all of the Minecraft Seeds shown on my YouTube Channel are Minecraft Bedrock Edition Seeds. Minecraft Bedrock Edition is a collective term for several Minecraft versions. These versions include Xbox One, Windows 10, Nintendo Switch Pocket Edition (commonly known as PE or MCPE) & Playstation 4 (PS4). Therefore, all of the Minecraft Seeds that you see on this channel will work for Minecraft Xbox One, Minecraft Nintendo Switch, Minecraft Pocket Edition, MCPE, PE, PS4 & Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

To clarify, all of the Minecraft Seeds shown on my Youtube Channel will work for the following editions of Minecraft:

Minecraft Xbox One Edition
Minecraft PS4 Edition
Minecraft Nintendo Switch Edition
Minecraft Pocket Edition
Minecraft Windows 10 Edition
Minecraft Xbox Series X
Minecraft PS5


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0:00 - Intro
0:22 - Seed 20 The Best Nether Spawn
1:06 - Seed 19 The Most Colourful Village
1:33 - Seed 18 Incredible Coastal Landscape
1:49 - Seed 17 The Best Speedrun Seed
2:43 - Seed 16 The Perfect Triple Spawner
3:10 - Seed 15 Beautiful Flower Mountain Spawn
3:46 - Seed 14 The Best Nether Ever
5:20 - Seed 13 Igloo That Leads to a Stronghold
5:55 - Seed 12 6 River Spawn
6:21 - Seed 11 6 Biome Spawn
7:02 - Seed 10 The Best Shipwreck Island Seed
7:44 - Seed 9 The Best Mountain Caves Ever
8:29 - Seed 8 Exposed Surface Stronghold Village
9:03 - Seed 7 The Broken Mansion Village Seed
9:47 - Seed 6 The Most Colourful Spawn
10:24 - Seed 5 Double End Portal Seed
10:53 - Seed 4 Mooshroom Island Surrounded by All Biomes
11:31 - Seed 3 Mansion Village right at Spawn
12:02 - Seed 2 Triple Blacksmith Stronghold Island Village
13:04 - Seed 1 The 8 Blacksmiths Village
14:08 - Honourable Mentions


TOP 20 BEST SEEDS OF 2020! (Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.16 Seeds)

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