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Minecraft Bedrock Edition Expansion ModPack Download

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Ever wanted more ores in Minecraft? What about palm trees and new mobs? Or even more weapons and tools? Well this is the perfect creative or survival addon as it adds all of those!

In this addon there is over 200 new blocks, over 100 new items, and around 100 new mobs for you to use and explore. Some of the new blocks include dyed planks, stained glowstone, more stone brick variants, and much more.

For every ore in the game there is a rough item that can be chiseled to make the polished type (or the normal type). For example, when amethyst ore is mined it drops rough amethyst. This rough amethyst can be crafted with a chisel to make polished amethyst. The same applies for all ores, however, already existing ores still drop the same item. It will hopefully be possible to change existing block loot tables in the future.

There are also new GUI features, such as a new panorama, new colored button options, and new splash text. The button color can be changed by going to settings and global resources, then click the Expansion+ Resource Pack and tap the wrenches or the green button.

This addon contains more features than just blocks, and items. There is also more natural generation features and more smaller features such as the ability to stand on another player's head.

Natural Generation:

In the overworld, lots of new blocks and ores naturally spawn. Limestone, marble, and conglomerate will generate from below y-level 16, all the way to bedrock. At the surface of bedrock, y-level 4, you will find cracked bedrock, which you can mine and collect. Copper, sulfur, and salt can be found below y-level 32, while ruby ore can only be found below y-level 8. Emerald ore generation has been replaced by amethyst, so in mountains and extreme hills is the where you should look for amethyst ore. Emerald ore and sapphire ore will naturally generate now in the End dimension. Gold and Coal can now be found in the Nether as well, along with chunks of basalt.

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