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Maps + MARKERS On Bedrock | S2 EP12 | Tutorial Survival Lets Play | Minecraft 1.18

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Everything you need to know about Maps and exploring your world, including MAP MARKERS on Bedrock Edition.

Bedrock Guide Season 2 Episode 13: Maps + MARKERS On Bedrock

Below I have broken the video up into chapters to make finding important parts of the video easier! Also below you may find the links to every farm shown in this video!

00:00 - Intro
01:19 - BluJay prank and 1st death
02:40 - Cartography table and map basics
05:41 - Getting ready to explore
08:53 - Exploration time!
11:20 - Treasure maps
13:24 - Shipwreck
14:59 - Ruined nether portals
16:04 - Ocean ruins
16:47 - Villages and map markers
18:52 - Other points of interest
21:45 - BluJay prank on stream
23:28 - Exploration loot and map result
24:38 - Outro

Today is about exploring our world! Caves and Cliffs has brought brand new world generation, and you should explore it, fill in your map, and find all the cool treasures and places that exist. While exploring your map, you will likely come across things like sunken ships, underwater ruins, treasure maps, some really cool landmarks, new biomes, villagers, and a lot more! You can even mark these points of interest with a map marker so you can easily find it again if you want to!

Welcome to Bedrock Guide season 2! This is a guide series that teaches you how to play through the survival aspect of Minecraft, teaching you all of the technical and game knowledge that will help you along the way. We cover everything from basic in-game information on just getting started, through more advanced game mechanics, redstone, building, farms, and much more! This series is played as a single player series, but we do share the world with a pesky bird named @blujaygames , who will also be running a guide series from this server together with me. While we don’t base share, material share, or help each other when we get in trouble… we do have plans for some pretty awesome and unique collaborations, which you can’t find from any other guide series!

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