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How to make a Base in Minecraft Survival with Everything: A Great Survival Base idea: Minecraft 1.15

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I show you How to Make a Base in Minecraft Survival that looks VERY complicated, but I break it down so its an Easy Minecraft Base for 1.15

In todays episode of Minecraft Survival Base Ideas with Avomance, I am going to show you how to make an Easy Base in Minecraft that looks amazing and has everything!


This base looks SO MUCH better than its actual level of difficulty, and you can adapt it however you like! Remove a part here, add a part there - try it and let me know what you do by tweeting me a pic to @AvoMinecraft

You can download this world and have a look around the house yourself right here:

This is for Java - sorry Minecraft Bedrock players... hopefully one day!


This is to give you Minecraft Base ideas for your own Minecraft Base design. If you want to show me your Minecraft Base Designs then feel free to tweet them to me on @AvoMinecraft (follow me while you are there!)
I hope I have given you some Minecraft Base Inspiration

Maybe yours will be the ultimate Minecraft Survival Base?


Built in Minecraft 1.14.4 so I can use ReplayMod to give cinematic effects on the video, but this is a great Minecraft 1.15 base!


I built this in Minecraft 1.14 so I could use the ReplayMod and shaders but you can build it in Minecraft 1.15 OR in versions 1.13 and below.


The easy How to make a Cow Farm and how to make aMeat Farm in Minecraft that I show you in this Minecraft Tutorial video can be seen here:

and the whole starter farm playlist is here:


This Minecraft base includes:
Cow Farm
Meat Farm
Wool Farm
Nether Portal
Villager Trading Hall
Pumpkin Farm
Melon Farm
Wood Farm
Cocoa Bean Farm
Carrot Farm
Wheat Farm
And some great design!

Come take a look and maybe download the world to look much more closely:


It looks like a Large Minecraft Base that would take a LOT of experience to build but in fact you COULD build it towards the beginning of your Minecraft world... the resources needed and the skills aren't that high!

This Minecraft Tutorial shows you how to build a House in Minecraft that looks a bit like a Minecraft Fort or Minecraft Castle, but is actually a really good Minecraft Base that has everything in it!

let me know what you think in the comments?


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In this Minecraft Base Tutorial episode I answer the following questions:

What are good Minecraft Base Ideas
What are good Minecraft Base designs
how can I get Minecraft base Inspiration
How to be a Minecraft Base Builder
Where is a Minecraft base World Download
What is a great Minecraft base idea in 2020
2020 Minecraft Tutorial ideas
How to build a Minecraft House in 2020
Minecraft house How to build one
What are the best Minecraft houses and Minecraft house designs
Where to find Minecraft house Ideas
How to make a Minecraft Base in Survival
How to make a Minecraft house in Survival Minecraft

And Many More


Using Music samples from the Youtube Copyright free music library


(C) Avomance 2020

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