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Etho's Modded Minecraft S2 #2: Create Japanese Home

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Added by john in Minecraft Mods


Today in modded Minecraft we venture out to explore the biomes surrounding us. After some caving we return to setup a tree farm that is used to start building a Japanese style inspired starter base.

Minecraft: v1.16.5
Seed: -8643623643821936147
Shaders: Complementary Shaders (v4.0.1)

Main Mods Used:
Forge, AdHooks, AlexsMobs, AppleSkin, Aquaculture, ArchitectsPalette, Atmospheric, Autumnity, BagOfYurting, BambooBlocks, BetterEndForge, BetterMineshafts, BiomesOPlenty, Botania, BuzzierBees, CosmicNPCs, CraftingTweaks, Create, Cyclic, DarkerDepths, DarkUtilities, DecorativeBlocks, DungeonsGear, DungeonsMobs, DungeonsPlus, DynamicSurroundings, EnchantWithMob, Endergetic, EndRemasteredForge, EnhancedMushrooms, Environmental, FallingLeaves, FarmersDelight, FinsAndTails, FramedBlocks, GoblinTraders, Gravestone, GuardVillagers, HandCannon, ImmersiveEngineering, ImmersivePetroleum, InfernalExpansion, InventoryPets, JEI, Journeymap, MarketCrates, Mekanism, MoreMinecarts, Neapolitan, NethersDelight, OptiFine, PneumaticCraftRepressurized, PSI, Quark, SavageAndRavage, SophisticatedBackpacks, Spiders2.0, StorageDrawers, Supplementaries, Tetra, Turtlemancy, TwilightForest, UntamedWilds, UpgradeAquatic, ValhelsiaStructures, VisualWorkbench

Note: Many of these mods also require additional library mods not mentioned. Forge should give you a list of these needed when you start up the game.

I want to give a special thanks to the mod makers and the modding community for all your excellent hard work.

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