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The Story Of Seed 666 - Minecraft

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Added by john in Minecraft Seeds


Welcome to another video of my spooky series "Minecraft Legends". In this series I'll be talking about Minecraft legends and myths, and I'll make a whole video for every legend to make sure that I covered as much information as possible, and basically focus on 1 legend at a time instead of a lot at the same time.

Unlike most of my videos, this one isn't about an entity or a few unsolved mysteries, in fact, it's about a whole world seed that's said to be haunted. Yes, you guessed it, it's the seed of 666.
In short, any world that has the seed of the number '666' is said to be haunted. 'By what?' you say, well, unfortunately, it's not that simple, as it's not just one entity/object that haunt he world, there are multiple, with almost infinite types and forms that have not known limit up until this point, as sighting of new entities are reported every time someone manages to visit the realm in that world. Yes, you heard me right, realm.

There's said to be a whole realm for these entities, but not everyone gains entry, only those that build the portal correctly, or those chosen by the entities to be transported to the realm. It's not yet known what those that are chosen are chosen based on, however, some suspect that the more experienced you are with Minecraft, the less likely you are to be chosen, as the creatures want players that won't survive long in their realm as they get hungry.
Yes, the monsters aren't kind, they won't care that you're new, all they care about is eating.
It's weird how that realm is never spoken of by Mojang, Microsoft, or anyone associated with the production of the game, but I personally suspect that it was a plan for a third dimension, but the whole idea was scrapped for being too disturbing.

Music by: myuuji

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Music by: myuuji

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