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The BEST Minecraft Seed Tour: This Seed is SO Exciting, Everything SO CLOSE together (Avomance 2020)

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Added by john in Minecraft Seeds


This Minecraft Seed Tour is incredible. Mesa, Mushroom Island, Mansion, Stronghold, Witch Huts, Monuments, Spawners, OMG!

In todays episode of Top Minecraft Seeds with Avomance we are looking at what might be one of the best seeds ever.

You start on an island with a single tree... so if you wanted to play survival island you totally could

HOWEVER - go just a few hundred blocks in any direction and you hit the motherload of all Minecraft Seed reviews

This thing has SO MUCH to offer SO CLOSE to spawn!

All the biomes are within a blink of you, Desert, Ice, Mesa, Mushroom
Jungles, Forests, Oceans and Mountains

You may never have to travel more than 5000 blocks in any direction EVER to get EVERYTHING you could ever need!

I LOVE this Minecraft Seed

its for Java - Sorry Minecraft Bedrock Players - do watch this space!

This is your seed:

You have a treat waiting for you!


This is a great Seed review - a top seed tour

Part of my Seed Review series:


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I love doing these top Minecraft Seed tour videos. I am looking out for my next world and one of these tours could very well sell one to me!

If YOU have an awesome seed - send it to [email protected] with a little explanation as to why its so great! Maybe the next one will be you?

This best Minecraft seed has a GREAT building opportunity for all you Minecraft Build Lovers out there... and at the same time, everything is close by for a really great Minecraft Survival experience


A great Survival Minecraft 1.15 seed


You can find the seed here:

That will take you to exactly the same world I was in... Java Edition only I am afraid... sorry Minecraft Bedrock players!

Is it one of the top Minecraft Seeds? Let me know in the comments


Place that Minecraft Seed number (Java Edition Minecraft 1.12+) into your seed box on the world generation screen like I do in the video and you will get the same world I showed you!

Its a Minecraft Seed Tour and a Minecraft Seed review all at the same time!

A Minecraft tutorial on how to load a seed in Minecraft.

A really interesting mix of things on this seed! it quite possible has EVERYTHING you could possibly need!!


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Part of my Best Minecraft Seed Tour Series

Don't miss any of these great Minecraft Seed examples


I am going to try an answer the following Minecraft Seed Review type questions in this Seed tour video

What is the best Minecraft seed for Java
What is a great Minecraft seed
what is the top Minecraft seed
is there a list of the best Minecraft seeds
what are the top Minecraft seeds
can I get a top Minecraft seed tour
how many Minecraft seeds are good for a Minecraft Iron Farm
What Minecraft Seed is best for a Minecraft XP Farm

and many more

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