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FASTEST OBSIDIAN CHEST FARM - Skip 4/4 Gates in Soggy Cave (No Feather) in Minecraft Dungeons

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How to skip all 4 gates or doors in Soggy Cave to get the Obsidian Chest in Minecraft Dungeons? In this video, I show you all 4 rooms in Soggy Cave and how you can skip every door to instantly go to the Redstone Puzzle. Each room has a gate or door which opens after you defeat every single mob of the ambush event. However, to make these runs way faster, I show you how to skip every single door or gate to instantly go and solve the puzzle. In the final chamber, you can collect epic loot from the Obsidian Chest, which is always there. If you know how to skip the doors, this becomes the fastest and best Obisidian Chest farm in the game, as it allows you to get really cool loot in this mission like the Fighter's Bindings, Soul Fists, Verdant Robe, Whirlwind Axe and Cursed Axe. You don't need the Light Feather artifact to do this, but it definitely makes it a lot easier if you are on the console. The final jump can be tricky to do, but if you have the right gear and work with the tips I shared, you will be able to pull it off. It will require some practice on Console, but it can work.

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